June 10, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Work

Ten on Tuesday
Hosted by Yano

Ten Things That Annoy You About Work

01. Waking up to an alarm clock every day.
02. Driving to the office when I am still tired.
03. Driving in traffic.
04. Dealing with stupid people.
05. Dealing with lazy people.
06. Not meeting deadlines because some people didn't do their part in the project.
07. The "Good Old Boys Club"
08. Not being kept in the loop of things that are happening or will happen.
09. Rudeness,
10. Snobs.


  1. I love your list~I am not working now-summer break-so I am loving it! I have something for you from Mercedes Rocks! You Rock Award

  2. Thank you for visiting Mercedes! I want to go on summer break.

    Thank you for the award! YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. Great list! I detest alarm clocks!!

  4. My body doesn't like waking up before 8:00! Ha!

    I played too!

  5. Thanks Dawn! So do I.

    Teena...my body might wake up but my brain doesn't wake up until noon!

  6. 'stupid people'. i remember i used the term before and let those people hear i am saying it and making sure they know i am pertaining to them. because i am fuming made on what they did. lol!

    mine is here!
    hope you can drop by. thanks.

  7. Driving in traffic! How could I leave that one off my list??? That is one of the worst things about it all.

  8. Jennifer...traffic only bothers me when I am on the way to work. I don't like being late.


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