June 3, 2008

Ten On Tuesday: Changes in the World

Ten on Tuesday
Hosted By Yano

10 Ways the World Has Changed Since You’ve Been in School

01. The Internet provides us with new ways of communicating with the world. We have email, blogging, instant message, MySpace, etc.
02. Cell phones...everyone has one in today's world.
03. Cable TV/Satellite...As I was growing up we had to use a TV Antenna to get the local channels. We would take turns going outside to turn the antenna so that we could tune in our favorite channel or program.
04. Music...now we have CD's, small Ipod's etc. I remember vinyl albums and record players.
05. Food...more and more people eat out and/or don't cook from scratch. Home made food has a whole new meaning.
06. Parents...my parents died when I was younger (21) and now I don't really have anyone to turn to for advice and guidance.
07. Video Games. I remember things like Colleco Vision and Atari and stand up video games! Now we have handheld games.
08. Computers. The very first computer I saw took up an entire floor of the local universities computer lab. Now you can hold one in the palm of your hand.
09. Cars. Older cars seems to last much longer than the new stuff.
10. School. We all rode the bus to school. If you missed the bus then you walked to school.

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