June 17, 2008

Take5 Tuesday

Take5 Tuesday
Hosted by http://take5.lifes-adventures.net/

5 things you like about birthdays.
~Birthday Cake
~Ice Cream
~Family and Friends Gathered Around
~Taking the day off from work

5 things you’ve cooked recently.
~Long Grain Rice
~TV Dinners
~Peanut Butter Cookies

5 things you discovered recently.
~Some people don't act stupid on purpose
~Some people use God to make themselves look good
~Age of Conan

5 things on your “bucket list”.
~Visit Ireland
~Go Para-sailing
~Travel the US in an RV
~Visit Hawaii
~Visit Australia

5 sounds you hear right now.
~"The Patriot" is on (DVD)
~The air conditioner running
~My dogs panting
~Me typing on the keyboard
~Can't Buy Me Love playing on my computer

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