June 29, 2008

Sunday Seven: Bad Sitcoms

Sunday Seven: Bad Sitcoms
Hosted by Patrick's Place

Jeff found a list of the 25 worst TV Sitcoms as compiled by TV Crunch.

As you might guess from that piece of information, I’m asking you to list your picks for the seven worst TV Sitcoms. You don’t to choose any from that particular list…consider it an idea starter…but if you agree with any of those selections, feel free to use them.

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: Name your picks for the seven worst TV Sitcoms.

1. The Ropers
2. Caveman
3. Veronica's Closet
4. It's A Living
5. George
6. Small Wonder
7. Yes, Dear


  1. Lord! I didn't anyone but me remembered It's a Living! (You're right, it did kinda blow.)


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