June 1, 2008

Situation Sunday: June 1, 2008

Situation # 1:
You and a close friend are out on a Holiday together. You have gone to a remote town in Alaska. On this day the weather is beautiful, it is a rare 50 degree day, and have decided on a hike. You both have ventured out of town, about 1 mile out. You are picture taking and slowly realize a Polar bear is standing 50 feet away from you. He is on the trail back to town.......he comes towards you and the only thing in front of you is the edge of a cliff. What would you do.....

If he is being aggressive then I don't have much choice on what to do. I won't jump of the cliff unless there is a ledge nearby to land on. Maybe if I just stand really still he won't notice me! Or maybe I can just move really slow the along the top of the cliff and he wont see me.

Question 1:
What is your favorite way to spend your day off?
I like to sit around the house and do nothing work related. I watch movies, read, play on the computer, play with the dogs or play video games.


  1. Thanks Shannon for playing! I saw that situation on Nation geographic channel....It really happened to 2 ladies. Unfortanetly I never saw the end, but I do know one got attacked by the bear...Yikes.

  2. Attacked by a bear? oh my! That would be horrible.


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