June 21, 2008

Saturday Special: It's Perfect

The Saturday Special
~It's Perfect ~ Fill In The Blanks~
Hosted by Toni

A perfect day is a day filled with no stress and lots of chocolate.

A perfect dinner is one that I don't have to cook or clean up afterward.

A perfect evening is sitting on the river bank, fishing.

A perfect vacation is going to the Great Smokey Mountains and relaxing in the fresh air.


  1. Great answers! I am planning our vacation right now. Going the week after the 4th and staying in pigeon forge for 5 days in a cabin. We will also be going to the biltmore-never been there yet!

  2. nice answer.

    mine is up too! hope you can visit. thanks

  3. Mercedes...I like Pigeon Forge. I just have not been there in a long time. Have a great trip!

    Thank you Milette!


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