June 7, 2008

Saturday Special: Favorite, What's Yours?

The Saturday Special ~Favorites ~ What's Yours?~
Hosted by Toni

1. Favorite Outfit To Wear:? Tee-Shirt, Shorts or sleep pants and no shoes or socks.

2. Favorite Hair Color & Style:?
I like my hair shoulder length, layered and thinned out. I have really thick hair.

3. Favorite Kind Of Shoes:?
I love wearing sandals but I am forced to mostly wear dress shoes.

4. Favorite Way To Relax:?
I like to play games on my computer, watch movies or read a good book


  1. i also have a thick hair but one time while suffering with lupus, i almost got bald! but that's history. now its already long but still thick.

    hope you could vist mine! thanks

  2. Great answers. Thanks for playing. Have a great week ahead.

  3. Milette...Thank you for visiting :)

    Hi Toni and thanks!

    I hope you both have a great weekend.

  4. Thick hair...wow!

    My answers are up too. See ::here::

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Nice list.

    I have thick hair too, but not so much so that I need it thinned out. WOW!

    My aunt (who is also my hairdresser) told me once it's a real blessing to have too think hair because hair naturally gets thinner as you get older, so while it may seem like a burden now, you'll have strong healthy hair for years to come. Just thought you'd appreciate that.

  6. Laane...It gets very hard to take care of it. Especially in the summer.

    Celestial Freak...thanks :). My hair does get to be a bother but I like your aunt's way of thinking!


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