June 7, 2008

Saturday Six: Positive or Negative

Saturday Six at Patrick's Place

It’s time to think positive…about being negative. Are you cynical? Are you practically Oscar the Grouch? Or are you that happy type that most of the rest of us would like to shove down a storm drain be much more like? Being negative is this week’s topic!

1. Is the glass half-empty or half-full? I see the glass as half-full.

2. Are you more of your own worst critic, or do you tend to be everyone else’s worst critic instead? I have always been my own worst critic and I tend to see the good in everyone else (even if they can't see it).

3. How do you feel about technological advances: are you generally optimistic that a new system will make life better or worse? I am always optimistic in regards to technological advances and that these advances will make everyone's life better in the long run.

4. Take the quiz: Are you too negative?

You Are a Positive Person

No one would accuse you of being too negative!
You're a naturally upbeat and optimistic person.
Like everyone else, you come across things you can't stand every day.
But unlike everyone else, you ignore what annoys you and focus on what uplifts you.

5. A friend asks you opinion about something, and you know that being honest might hurt his or her feelings. How honest are you likely to be? It depends on how close I am to this friend and what he/she is doing. For example, If they asked me about an outfit they are wearing for a job interview then I will be totally honest so that they can make a good first impression.

6. You see a panhandler on the street: which tends to be closer to your immediate impression: that he’s a good person who’s down on his luck or a bad person who doesn’t want to work? I tend to be in the middle on this one. My feelings don't sway in either direction but I do feel sorry for that person.

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