June 22, 2008

Randomness: Book Related

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This week's questions are book related....
1. Who are your favorite authors? Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, John Sandford
2. What are your favorite books? "Gone With The Wind", The "Odd Thomas" series
3. What kind of books do you tend to read? Sci-fi, Romance, Mystery...etc...? I read a variety...but mostly horror/thriller/criminal law.
4. Do you prefer to borrow books from the library or buy them?
I prefer to buy them.
5. Do you prefer hardcover or paperback?
I prefer paperback for most books. But I like to buy hardcover for the really good books.
6. What was the last book you read? What are you reading now?
The last book I read was "The Husband" by Dean Koontz and I am currently reading "The Good Guy" also by Dean Koontz.
7. Do you read everyday?
I read everyday...even at work.
8. On average how many books do you read per year?
I have probably read 20 or 30 books so far this year.
9. Do you belong to any book clubs?
I do not belong to any book clubs.
10. Recommend a good book.
I recommend "Rules of Prey" by John Sandford


  1. Wow. You read a lot. And those are books without pictures in them. I gotta work on that! Enjoy your Sunday...

  2. I love to read. Books keep me out of reality :) Picture books can be good too!

  3. I chose GWTW as my favorite book, too! When I was in high school I read it religiously every summer. I haven't cracked it open in a while, but it's still the book I know best and enjoyed most. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, great answers. I'm a big Stephen King fan too. And I love Dean Koontz. The Odd Thomas series is great, I still havent read the latest installment yet.
    I have Dean Koontz autograph which I proudly show off to anyone who will pay me attention...lol
    enjoy your week :)


  5. The_Gal_Herself...GWTW has been my favorite since I was able to read! Thanks for visiting!

    Howdy Naida and thank you! I would also show off that autograph!

  6. I've enjoyed Dean Koontz, too, but I remember having to remind myself to breathe when I was reading his books. His stuff is intense!

  7. I agree. Dean Koontz is very intense.


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