June 30, 2008

Monday Morning Meme: Questions

Monday Morning Meme: June 30, 2008 Questions
Hosted by Write From Karen

1. What’s the last thing you grab before you run out of the door in the morning? Are you pretty good at being on time? Or do you constantly run behind? If/when you’re late, what is usually the reason(s)? The last thing I grab before running out the door in the morning is my purse! It has my keys, cell phone and other important items in it. I am pretty good at being on time. If I am late it is usually because I got held up at the Gate coming onto Post.

2. What is the last thing you bought from a vending machine? Where were you? How much did you spend? Do you use vending machines very often? The last thing I purchased from a vending machine was a Diet Pepsi this morning. I was at the Post Office checking mail for work and I spent $1.25. I visit a vending machine several times a week for soda.

3. What does the hand-soap in your bathroom smell of? What color are your bathroom walls? What color are your guest towels? What sort of decor, or theme, do you have in your bathroom? (Post a picture if you dare!) The hand soap in my bathroom is liquid Dial, that does not really have a smell. My bathroom walls are white, with white tiles and a few black tiles. I don't really have decor or a theme for the bathroom and the towels are a variety of colors. I have green, blue, white and tan towels.

4. What three words do you think of when someone says ‘body’? Clothing, Deodorant and Relaxation!


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