June 15, 2008

I am 36% Barbie

See how much Barbie you are. Put an "X" if you have done the item listed, leave it blank if you didn't. At the end tally your score and multiply it by 4. Post on your blog as "I Am % Barbie"

[] you own a hair straightener
[] you own a hair curler
[X] you wear make up most of the time
[ ] you have a pink car
[] you have a pink camera
[X] you have a mirror in your room
[ ] your room is pink and or with a different color
[] you have blonde hair
[] you have blue eyes
[] you have/had your hair blonde
[X] you own more than 4 pairs of shoes and or sandals
[] you have at least one pink pillow
[] your friends call you dumb/ stupid
[] you straighten your hair almost everyday
[] you dye your hair
[] you have or had high-lights
[X] you have/had a pink phone
[X] have your own bathroom
[] you look in the mirror at least 5 times a day
[] you have/had a playboy bunny item in your house
[] you have/had pink lights in your room
[] you have/had pink lip gloss
[] you have at least 1 pink photo frame
[x] you have a mobile phone
[x] you have a computer
[X] you have a TV in your room
[X] you have an iPod or mp3 player
[] you had to use a calculator to add up this quiz

Total = 9
multiply your answer by 4 =36


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!