June 2, 2008

Give Me Five Monday: Saving Money

Give Me Five Monday
Hosted by Becca

Five Tips/Tricks to Save Money or Cut Corners to Stretch Your Budget.

01. Try to do all of your week's shopping in one trip.
02. Stock up on things that are on sale IF you will use them.
03. Don't go out of your way to shop or buy gas. Find the best place to shop/buy gas that is on the same route between work and home.
04. Don't give in to those little items at the check out counter.
05. Make a list before you go shopping and stick to it.


  1. Great list! I too have given up the tiny temptationous delights near the check outs. Also, since I quit smoking, I pay for my gas at the pump rather than going in to buy cigarettes too and finding myself grabbing a soda and snack as well! I save more than the cost of cigarettes when I quite smoking :-)

  2. Sticking to the list is essential to saving money. You can easily spend twice as much if you don't bring that list. Then you forgot half the stuff you came in for in the first place. Have a great day. :)

  3. Thanks Becca. I prefer to pay-at-the-pump also. Saves me a few bucks.

    Hi Sandee! The list can be your best friend or your worst enemy :)

    Happy Tuesday to you both!


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