June 29, 2008

The Funky Meme

The Funky Meme
Found at Mimi Writes

1. Have you ever been in a funk? (ie: a mood) Of course I have! I am female.

2. Describe your first funk. What were you doing when it first came upon you? I don't recall.

3. Do you remember why you fell into a funk in the first place? I was probably being a cry baby over some boy.

4. How long did you stay in your funk? Throughout my teens.

5. Did you ever do or say anything during your sophisticated pity-party that you regretted? I am sure I did. But too late to change that now.

6. When you feel a funk coming on, is there someone you can call and talk to should you find yourself - Lord forbid - in the throes of a wild funk? What do they say to help you? I prefer to keep to myself. I don like being a burden on others.

7. While in the throes of a proper funk is it best to:
a. Close your eyes and hug trees in the forest til it's over
b. Drink
c. Throw a hissy fit
d. Curse
e. Have a fling with a passing truck driver
e. All of the above

8. Do you try to put on a happy face while you're funking? How's that working for you? I always try to put on a happy face...no matter what my mood is. I really don't like being a spoil sport by ruining everyone's day with my mood.

9. Do you have mood swings? Daily!

10. Has severe funking ever caused you to injure yourself? No, not yet.

11. Do you take out your fancy funky frustrations on those you love when you're in a
mood or is it best to be alone and make yourself miserable instead? I prefer to be alone and make myself miserable.

12. If you saw someone having a funky fit in public would you....
a. call the blog police
b. lock up your children
c. offer to drive them to the nearest 12-step program
d. give them your Prozac
e. other suggestions?

13. Do you use unorthodox methods for dealing with your funk? Do you.....
a. change your purse
b. use humor
c. scream at the mailman just because
d. redecorate the dungeon cells
e. drink Green Tea

14. Did you ever have a funk that lasted more than 7 days. How did you defunkify yourself? Ignore it until it went away.


  1. Women have to stick together on this one. Sometimes funky moods are just a fact of life. All I need is someone who will let me "funk" if I need to and then gently pull me in for landing.
    Then I'm OK.

    Honest answers here, once again.
    Thanks for playing!

  2. I agree Mimi! I know how you feel...the gentle landings make the funk worth it :)

  3. Hi, Shannon!! Great answers!! I'm going to have to browse some of the meme groups again!!! Thanx so much for stopping by my blog......I'm kinda back online lol Hpefully more soon!! Take Care!!!

  4. Well, you did a good job. I think I funked it up...

  5. Hi Erin and thank you! Have a great day!

    Bud...everyone funks up now and then.


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