June 6, 2008

The Friday Five: Randomosity

The Friday Five: Randomosity
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This week's questions have been brought to you by
kungfu1037, the letter F, and the number 5...

1. if you had to participate in one olympic event what would it be and why? I would like to participate in anything to do with swimming. I have not been swimming in a long time and I miss it.

2. what is the one song you always sing along to?
I will always sing along to "Angel Eyes" by the Jeff Healey Band and many songs by Aerosmith.

3. do you wear a seatbelt in the car?
I always wear my seatbelt, whether I am driving or just a passenger.

4. car, suv or truck and why?
I currently drive a car because it is cheap on gas. My favorite car is a Mustang :)

5. are you a good/bad driver? explain
I think I a decent driver. I don't have road rage too often :P

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