May 12, 2008

What I Have Learned Since I Became Mom

Since becoming a mother I have learned several things. After giving birth to my daughter in April 1989, I suddenly found that I was responsible for another human being. This was a very hard task to undertake. Babies are very hard to take care of...constant feedings, diaper changes, clothing changes, bottles needing sterilized...the list goes on and on. I learned that I would make mistakes and that I had to fix them and move on. My daughter and I both survived my being a first time mother.

I also learned that the love between a mother and her children is unconditional. You have a strong bond with you children that is unexplainable. Children look at you and it feels as if they are looking deep into your soul...they know you inside and out.

Another thing I learned is that no matter how many times you wash your child's face it will be dirty again 5 minutes later. Even if the child walks two feet from you after washing his or her face, the face will be come dirty again. The child is like a dirt magnet or something.

There are many other things that I learned as a mother but I don't want to bore people with a long post. Besides, it gives me something to blog about later. hehe


  1. love yourpost and I feel you,being a mom is a learning process and we can't afford to be absent :)
    happy mommy's day to you! :)

  2. Thank you Willa! Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Love your post! My daughter was a dirt magnet, too - she would have bathed in the stuff if I'd let her.

    Hope you're enjoying the blog party!

  4. Thanks Sherrie! It is nice to meet you!

  5. Great post!! The unconditional love thing is so true!! It's simply amazing the bond that is created between mother and child. When my son was born, I had determined to "sleep train" him by not going to him immediately every time he cried. Well, the first two nights my husband had two crying babies because Jacob was in his room crying and mommy was uncontrollably hysterical trying to run in at every whimper. Eventually, I found a balance that worked...but I was amazed at the force within me that pulled me to him every time he cried. Powerful.

  6. Thank you so very much jcdisciple. Children have an overwhelming power over us :)

  7. I know what you mean about first borns surviving the first year of being a first time mother! LOL! I laughed at that! Isn't it funny, you think you are there to teach them and they actually teach us! This continues on and on for years to come!


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