May 20, 2008

Take5 Tuesday: Lists

Today’s topics: List…

5 things you do every morning.
~Use the bathroom as soon as I wake up
~Rinse my mouth with mouthwash
~Get dressed
~Brush my hair
~Put on make-up

5 things you look forward to each year.
~Fourth of July
~My Birthday
~Summer time
~County Fair Food

5 things you’ve recently watched on TV.
~Dirty Jobs
~Good Eats
~Corner Gas

5 things you’ve read recently, (they can be online or off.)
~Cold Fire by Dean Koontz
~Naked Prey by John Sandford
~Rules of Prey by John Sandford
the local newspaper (online and hard copy)
~local, state and national news online

5 of your favorite restaurants.
~El Jimador - local Mexican
~Chopstix - local Chinese
~Taco Bell

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