May 18, 2008

Situation Sunday # 57

Situation # 1:
You are relaxing at the dock on the Atlantic Ocean. basking in the sun and enjoying the day. You fall asleep and when you awake the dock has broken away from shore. You are out to sea, and in the far distance you can see land and where you started from. You also see Dorsal fins near by. What do you do?

Hopefully I have my cell phone with me so that I can call for help. If not, then I will just stay calm and stay on the dock, floating until it is safe to swim (or hand paddle) to the shore. I will also listen for planes or boats so that I may signal for help.

Situation # 2:
You happen to be shopping in a near by town. As you are seated in a small cafe', You happen to notice a neighbor's child. They are 14 years old, and with clearly a older person in their late 30's. Someone you have never seen around there house, or at any picnics you have been invited to. They are holding hands and getting a little touchy feely, what do you do?

I would say hello to the child and make small talk for a few minutes so that I can assess the situation. I would also introduce myself to the adult and try to find out who they are and if they know the parents. I think I would call the parents also to see if they know what is going on.

Situation # 3: As graduations are approaching your X's in laws have invited you to their youngest graduation party. You have always been close, but clearly this is something you do not want to do- Nor do you want to see your X, What do you tell them?

I would politely decline the invitation but I would send a gift the child that is graduating.


  1. Hi Shannon, I finally got back on line. Great answers to the SS. Thanks for playing. Your blog is great!!

  2. Howdy Helena! It is great to see you are back online.

    Thank you!


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