May 31, 2008

Saturday Special: Designer's Choice

The Saturday Special: Designer's Choice
Hosted by Toni

1. My home would be in the style of? I would like a Split-Level Ranch home or a Plantation (like Tara in Gone With The Wind).

2. My kind of furniture style is? Anything that is comfortable and looks good in the house.

3. My floors would be covered with? I would love real hardwood flooring throughout the house, except for the bathroom(s) and kitchen (they will be floored with ceramic tiles).

4. My landscaping would look like?
I want lots of rosebushes and a few fish ponds.


  1. Oh yes, a plantation like Tara would be lovely! Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Thanks Jodi! Happy Saturday.

    Thank you also Dawn. Have a great weekend.

  3. Kwizgiver...I just wish I was already in it.


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!