May 5, 2008

Monday Morning Meme: May 5, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

May 5th Questions:
1. What did you do over the weekend? We didn't do anything on Saturday. Sunday we went to see my boyfriend's parents. We barbecued and had a good dinner and dessert.

2. What’s for dinner tonight? What is for dinner Tuesday night? Do you normally plan your meals ahead of time? Why or why not?
I have no clue what we will be having for dinner tonight or Tuesday night. I never plan out our meals ahead of time because it is easier to just throw something together at the last minute.

3. What advice do you have for the last person who honked their horn at you? WHY did they honk their horn at you? Was it justified?
The last person that honked their horn at me was someone that I know from work. They were honking just to say hi. Yes, it was justified...I would not have noticed them if they didn't honk.

4. Have you ever faked an illness to get out of doing something? If so, what was the illness? What was the thing you wanted to get out of doing? How many times have you faked an illness? How many times do you call in sick to work? If you’ve never faked an illness, would you if you needed to get out of work for something really important?
When I was in college I faked a cold once or twice so that I could get out of class. I don't fake an illness often because I have too many real medical issues that need attention. I hardly ever call in sick to work. There is do much to do at the office and I am the one to get it done.


  1. So did you decide what's for supper yet?

  2. Not yet. I am thinking it will be scrambled eggs, ham and toast. But I have to see if my son wants it too :)


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