May 26, 2008

Manic Monday: May 26, 2008

Do good things come to those who wait? I think good things come to those who wait...but they don't come when that person(s) expects them too. The good thing tends to happen when you least expect it and you might not realize just how good it is until it is too late.

Your best friend's spouse is being unfaithful. Would you tell your friend? If so, how?
I would need absolute, undeniable proof that he was cheating on her before I would say a word about it. I think I would confront him first to hear his side of the story and then talk to her about it. I am really not sure how I would approach her...probably is a nice, quiet setting somewhere away from him and their home.

Which part of your body do you like the least? Would you change it through plastic surgery, if possible?
The thing I don't like about my body is my teeth...they are horrible and have been falling out one by one for years. I cannot afford to get them fixed and only get one pulled when I can't take the pain no more. I would love to have a nice smile again. No, plastic surgery would not change it BUT dentures would be awesome!


  1. I'm sorry about your teeth! :[

    BTW, I love your site Simply Shannon.. how cute! :]

  2. i have problems also with my teeth. but last year i decided to go see the dentist. it was a lot of work. and i have almost five visits with them which last three to four hours. but it was worth it.

    do visit mine if you have time

  3. Thanks for stopping by my MM.

    Have a good Memorial Day

  4. I would make sure I was 100% right too.

    I played too :)

  5. Great answers! especially to the first question. I am struggling with my teeth too and now I just finally got braces. I hate them but after 2 years Im hoping it will all be worth it

  6. Thank you Shen-Shen :)

    Milet...Dentist scare me, but yes, I do need to go.

    Hi Diana...thanks for visiting.

    Howdy Teena!

    Chantelle...I think the braces will be worth it :)

    Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

  7. Nice answers! Sorry about your teeth. I know having bad teeth is no fun at all. Hope you can get a dentures somehow!

    Mine is up as well. Hope you can visit me :)

    Happy Memorial Day!

  8. Thanks Nita...Happy Memorial day to you also.


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