May 27, 2008

Heads or Tails: Job

This week's theme/prompt is: TAILS - Tell about your job (Or one you've had)

Many years ago I worked in an Onion Ring Factory...we made onion rings, french toast and breaded mushrooms for place like Sonic and McDonald's. I had to quit the job when I was three months pregnant with my son because the smell of the factory made me sick every day. I spent more time in the bathroom then I did working on the production lines.


  1. when i was pregnant, i also can not stand with smelly...:D

    Mine in here Thanks

  2. i never remembered disliking any odors when i was pregnant.

    anyway, mine is here!
    hope you could go and visit me. thanks.

  3. I have to say I LOVE onion rings! Funny how with things like that you never really think about someone making them!

  4. Picturing...the smells were horrible even when I wasn't pregnant.

    Milet...both times I was pregnant, all smells were really strong to me.

    Skittle...they are easy to make :)

  5. OH, that would have drove me insane when I was pregnant too, ugh...

    Stop by my HOT:

  6. Not sure I could have coped with the smells even in a non-pregnant state.

  7. I guess I never considered there might BE and 'onion ring' factory ... but now that you mention your job, it makes sense. My HoTs is in a separate post from my ToT today. Hope you'll have time to visit ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Hi Gina :) was (and probably still is) pretty bad.

    Storyteller...It was a pretty easy job.

  9. Ooooh...breaded mushrooms! Yum!! :) LOL! I totally get the thing with the smell. Although I've never been pregnant, certain smells just do me in! :)

    Still, I bet it was an interesting job! :)

  10. I did not like the smell of fried eggs when I had the "condition" myself.

    There was a candle factory (now ripped down) near our library and I could not stand to go to the library because of the odor. And, I did not have the "condition"! The smell gave me a horrid headache. I do not like candles to this day.

    Guess that is TMI huh? LOL

  11. LOL Jean...that was not TMI. I have an aunt that hates candles.


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