May 22, 2008

3x Thursday: Other People and Their Moods

3x Thursday: Other People And Their Moods
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1. Do you feel you're very good at handling people's different moods? Why/why not?
I am good at handling people's different moods at work and at home. I tend to be the one that acts as a mediator between co-workers and family members so I need to know what type of mood each person is in so that I can act accordingly.

2. How do you handle someone who is inconsolable?
I will talk to them for a few minutes then sit quietly beside them until they are ready to talk. Or I will just sit there so that they have a "shoulder to cry on". Last resort would be that I just leave them alone to deal with their issues.

3. How do you deal with an upset/mad person? Can you stay calm? Can you get them to calm down?
I stay calm when someone is mad or upset...even if they are mad/upset with me. There is no reason to scream, yell, get violent or whatever because it will just make the other person more upset or mad. The calmer I am the more the situation calms down and the other person is able to chill out.

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