April 30, 2008

Wednesday Mind Hump: Typewriter

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Hello all! It's Manual Typewriter Day today.
Pretend you're sitting at a typewriter. What are you writing?
Why? If it's a letter, who are you sending it to?

Wow! I have not used a manual typewriter in years. First I need to remember how to use it.
Ok...now I am sitting comfortably, hands in the 'home" position and I am beginning to type my letter. This letter will be on how to de-stress.

01: Find the cause of your stress. Is it work? Kids? Family? Friends?
02: Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts, feelings, ideas, comments, situations, etc.
03: Talk to someone you trust about your feelings and why you are stressed.
04. Take some "me" time. A hot bubble bath, a walk in the park anything where it is only you, all alone.
05. Pick up an old hobby or interest or even begin a new one. One that will help you to relax.

My hands are tired now LOL so time to put away the manual typewriter and go back to my comfy computer!


  1. I like your typewriter story! You play, WoW, too?! Which server are you on?

  2. Thanks Kiki :)

    I play on the Terenas server.


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