April 15, 2008

TMI Tuesday - April 15, 2008

TMI Tuesday #131

1. Did you have to pay or did you get money back? I got money back but it was spent before I got the check in my hands.
2. What was your biggest financial mistake? Letting my ex-husband use the credit cards.
3. Are you a screamer? Depends on how mad I get.
4. What part of your body, other than your genitals, do you love to have touched? What part of a partner's body, other than their genitals, do you love to touch? I love the have my hair stroked...it is soothing. I like to touch my partner's hair and his face. I also like to hold hands
5. What catch phrase best describes your life? "like a rock"

Bonus (as in optional): What was the last thing you took without permission? What was the last thing taken from you without your permission?

The last thing I took without permission was a soda from the employee's lounge. I went back later and left the money for it. The last thing taken from me without permission was my favorite ink pen at work.


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