April 13, 2008

Situation Sunday: April 13, 2008

Situation Sunday # 53


Situation #1: You have purchased property, 2 acres. You have a house and have been living very comfortable for the last 4 years. There is a knock on your door......it is the local Historian. They tell you that your house and property is in a historic site. The was the Civil war and numerous bodies are scattered just 3 feet below the earth all around your yard. With your permission they would like to start digging them up and putting them all together in one section. WHAT DO YOU DO?

I would ask them if they would like to purchase my property. I don't want to live there while they are digging up the yard and making a big mess. If they didn't buy my property I guess they would have to take me to court in order to start digging.

Situation #2: As you are driving down the interstate, (95) You think to your self,,,Thank God it is not that busy you can make great time. As this on coming car passes you and starts to get back in your lane, you tap your brakes a little,, and then you notice they are not working.....as you try again to tap them, your foot goes straight to the floor......What do you do?

First of all, I would tell myself to not panic. Then I would try to get to the shoulder of the road so that I may use the emergency brake. If the E-brake doesn't work then I would continue down the road, without pushing the gas and hope that I eventually slow down. I would also call 911 from my cell phone for help.

Situation #3: You are entering a contest on " What makes you the most glad to be alive" what do you write about? And why?

I would write about my children, my dogs and my family. They are all the reasons why it is good to be alive. Without them, life really has no purpose to me.

Situation #4: Your spouse has gone away on a business trip. They are going to be gone a week. When they get home, they seem a little strange at first, but as days go by all is normal. One night you just can't sleep, you try but your still awake. So you get up to watch some TV. You happen to turn on " To Catch A Predator".On that show you happen to see your spouse being caught, and charged what do you do?

I would wake him up and ask him what the hell is going on! How dare he hide something like that...he must be insane to think I would not find out. I would allow him to tell me his side of the story...but I would still ask him to leave.


  1. Great answers Shannon! I wish there were more players, but until this Situation catch's on, I thank you for playing.

  2. You are welcome Helena! I will help spread the word for you!


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