April 14, 2008

Monday's A Bitch: Dream On

Monday's A Bitch: Dream On

1. Describe the most recent dream you can remember. The most recent dream that I can remember was one that I have often. I dream that my teeth are falling out (I have really bad teeth) and I have to go to work the next day. But there isn't a dentist around to fix my teeth...so I have to go to work looking even worse than I normally look.

2. Do you believe in the idea that images in your dreams are symbols for things in your life? For example, some believe that hair in dreams represents sexual urges in life. Yes, I do believe the idea that images in our dreams are symbols for things in our lives.

3. Do you find that there are conditions of sleep where you are more likely to dream than others? For example, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, going to bed drunk, napping, etc.?
I do find that there are conditions of sleep where I am most likely to dream or not dream. I usually don't dream...or at least I don't remember dreaming when I am sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. Dreams while I am napping usually occur but I don't seem to remember much of them.

4. Who is the most random person ever to appear in a dream you've had?
The most random person to ever appear in a dream I had was a girl I knew in high school. We were barely acquaintances and her visit to my dream made no sense.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream?
I have had lucid dreams before...they scare me.

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  1. wow your last dream about your teeth sounds more like a nightmare! i would wake up crying! good thing its not real! i remember my dreams almost everynight, and my husband remembers about 1 every 2 years its weird! happy monday!

  2. Thanks for commenting Vashonnte. I am not sure if I would like to remember all my dreams :)

  3. Have you ever had a dream that you thought was so real that it took you a while to figure out that it didn't really happen? I once dreamed that one of my sisters died...I was in mourning for a bit until I figured out it was a dream...then I felt complete relief!

  4. Hi Caron!

    Yes, I have had a dream like that...several actually. That is why lucid dreams scare me.

    Thank you for commenting.


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