April 18, 2008

Friday Questions #20, #21 and #22

Friday Questions: www.ilaxstudio.com/blog/

# 20 - April 4, 2008:
What is your relationship like with your family? Do you live in the same town? How often do you see them/communicate with them?

My parents are deceased and so are my grandparents. I only have my two children, my grandson and one brother, Brian (three years younger than me), his wife and their three kids in my immediate family. My daughter lives 30 minutes away, my brother and his family are two hours away and my son lives with me still. We all communicate on a daily basis and have a pretty close relationship.

#21 - April 11, 2008:
Aside from your family, friends or pets, what would be the most difficult thing for you to give up in your life?

My computer and the Internet! Yes, I am an addict but I love playing games on the computer, chatting with friends and family and blogging!

#22 - April 18, 2008: Would you open a department/specialty store credit card just to save money on a purchase? How much would it have to save you - $10, $50, $100, $500+?

I would not open a department/specialty store credit card just to save money...it doesn't matter what amount I could be saving. Credit cards just get me into financial trouble and give me a false sense of financial security.

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