April 12, 2008

Saturday Special - Creative Adventure XII

~Creative Adventure XII~ Fill in the blanks~

1. While walking in my neighborhood I notice a dead end street that I haven't seen before. My curiosity getting the best of me I decide to walk down to the end. While almost at the end I notice a huge, green, fire breathing dragon. Smoke is coming out of his nose as he opens his wings in attempt to stop me in my track. He succeeds. I stop and stare at him, expecting a violent end to my life. In a deep, bellowing voice the dragon says, "Excuse me kind lady. Do you know where the nearest donut shop is? I hear you humans have donuts in this area that are to die for!"

2. In the garden there is a maze. Thinking it would be fun I decide to enter the maze and work your way through it. Who knows what kind of fun adventures await.

3. Now a little worried that I might be lost in the maze I turn the next row and see a donut shop. Wow! I never thought there would be a donut shop way out here! I run back to the dead end street and get my new dragon friend!

4. Relieved and walking back home I think to myself it is not everyday you get to meet a dragon AND eat as many donuts as you want! No one is going to believe the day I had!


  1. Your's is much more creative than mine. :)

  2. Really? Cool! Thank you for thinking so...and thank you for the compliment.


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