April 24, 2008

3x Thursday: Half Full or Half Empty

3x Thursday: 04/24/2008: Half Full or Half Empty?

1. No matter what country you live in, do you think the future is bright (or gloomy) in terms of the economy? Why/why not?

I live in the United States and I feel that our future is not totally doomed but it is a little gloomy. The price of gas, food and other necessities are getting extreme in my opinion. Personal budgets have to be squeezed even tighter just to make ends meet. More and more people are staying home and many (not all) seem to be living (barely) from paycheck to paycheck.

2. What about the current food shortage going on in the world? What are your thoughts about this?

I feel that food shortage has always been an issue in the world. Things are constantly being done to change this fact but I think it will never be an issue that is completely solved.

3. What 3 things (among others!) do you think need significant change to make the world a better place? Why?

Families need to cooperate and learn to fight for the right things in life and not fight among themselves. Couples need to work together and make their lives better and not cheat, lie or abuse their partner. The world needs more kind people in it...you would be amazed at how far one smile goes.

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  1. I completely agree with your statement that more moms are staying home to raise their children. The price of daycare is so expensive and the cost is diverse from state to state.

    I think families are truly in survival mode here in the United States.

    Great blog! Cute theme! :o)

  2. I would love to be a stay-at-home Mom. It is getting to the point where I cannot afford to go to work

    You are right, we are in survival mode here in the US!

    Thanks for commenting Kellie!


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