April 10, 2008

3x Thursday: Goals

3x Thursday: 04/10/2008: Goals

1. Do you have any goals for work/your job (whatever it may be)? If so, what are they? If not, why not?

I really don't have any long term goals for my current job as a business manager. I have several short-term goals involving a Conference coming up in June and everything so far is running smoothly.

2. Do you have any free-time goals (going on a vacation, going to a certain event, etc)? What are they? Why do you want to do them?

I would love to go to Ireland and visit the home of my ancestors. My mother's family has a strong Irish background and I think it would be great to see their "home land"

3. Name a long-term goal you have for yourself. What drives you to do this thing?

A long term goal I have for myself is to get my Master's Degree. My children (and now my grandson) motivate me to make myself better and to do my best to reach my dream and goals.

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