April 17, 2008

3x Thursday: Pinching Pennies

3x Thursday: 04/17/2008: Pinching Pennies

1. Now that the cost of breathing has started costing us money, what are you doing these days to make your buck go a little farther? If you aren't doing anything, why not?

I have cut back on spending money on things like movies and eating out...my entertainment budget has moved into the "we need gas for work this week" budget.

2. What about the ever-rising price of gas? Are you doing anything about that problem, and it affecting your pocketbook? What are your thoughts about it?

It is affecting everyone's pocketbook in some way. I no longer drive my van since it costs way to much to fill it up and I have been riding to work with my boyfriend to save even more on gas. Personally, I don't see a break for us anytime soon. The cost of gas is just going to get higher.

3. What do you think the next year or two (or more) holds for us economically, as a nation?

At this point it is hard to tell. Gas prices are really eating away at us "normal" folks and keeping us from doing things, like go on vacation...or even take a two hour trip to see our family. As I said previously, gas prices are just going to keep climbing and so will the price of food and other necessities. A possible recession? Maybe.

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