March 28, 2008

Friday Fun: Style Edition

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I was watching something on TV yesterday about what was “in” or “not in” for women of various age groups. I was looking at the things they were showing as “in” for a woman of my age (I’ll be 38 this summer!) and, while I liked them, they were SO not me. So I thought I would explore style and age this week. Keep in mind that I am talking about day to day clothing, not “club” clothes or anything like that!

1. Which decade do you fall in? 20’s, 30’s, etc.? I won’t ask for an exact age!
2. Do you subscribe to the theory that there are age appropriate clothes? Or can they, in general, span the generations?
3. Do you think you “dress your age” in accordance with the current “appropriate” styles?
4. Are there “young” clothes that you wish you could wear but don’t feel like you still can? Is it based on your age or body type?
5. Do you find that you are more comfortable in your own skin as you get older?
6. Do you have a thing for a particular kind of clothes? Like you love all things cargo pants, or tennis shoes, or T-shirts, etc.?


Shannon's Answers

01. I was born in October 1970, so I am in the 70's decade.
02. I don't think age appropriate clothes fall into the decade category. I think age appropriate is more of how old the person is that is wearing a certain item. For example: I think it is more appropriate for an 18 year old to wear a tube top than it is for a 65 year old.
03. I think I "act my age" but I don't wear the current style. I wear what is comfortable and looks good on me.
04. My body type (very large) determines what I will wear and won't wear. Also, I am a bit shy when it comes to my body so even if I was a hottie I would not be brave enough to show it off.
05. As I get older I have found that I am more comfortable. I still have those moments when I hate the way I look at that time but I get over it quickly.
06. I love wearing a tee-shirt and sleep pants! They are so comfortable together!


  1. Hi Shannon, I surfed onto your blog via the Friday Fun page, your answers are fun- like the blog!


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!