February 8, 2008

Friday Fun - Clotheshound

Friday Fun - Clotheshound

1. Do you have to dress for work? If so, what is your "uniform"?
2. How would you describe your style when dressing for yourself, rather than work?
3. I have noticed that there seem to be two kinds of dressers in the winter months. Those who love turtlenecks and those that abhor them! Which are you?!
4. It's lounging time on the couch in the evening. What are you wearing?
5. Describe your favorite "feel good" outfit!

We have to dress in business attire or business casual for work. But if I had my way I would wear jeans and a big comfy shirt LOL.

My style of dress for myself tend to lean toward the comfortable side. I like to be able to sit, stand, walk, etc comfortably and I dress according to what I will be doing the most.

I do not like turtle necks! I do wear them once in awhile but I find them to be very uncomfortable. I feel as if I am choking!

In the evenings I like to wear sleep pants and sleep shirt. Or even sweat pants and a tee-shirt.

My "feel good" outfit is a nice pair of jeans, a tee-shirt or sweat shirt and socks! I dont like wearing shoes that much lol.

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