February 1, 2008

Five on Friday - Sweet Stuff

Five on Friday Sweet Stuff

1. Cake or pie?

I like both actually. But there are times I prefer one over the other...like Christmas and Thanksgiving I love pie (Cherry, Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb). Birthday cake always rocks and sometimes I like to have a chocolate cake with chocolate icing!

2. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Chocolate! Hershey's is my top pick, then Dove. I really like Hershey bars with Almonds but my teeth are getting bad so I am happy with a plain Hershey bar.

3. Do you actually like conversation hearts?

Yes. The remind me of being a kid again :) Mom got those for my brother and I every Valentine's Day.

4. Would you prefer chocolates or flowers from a loved one?

I prefer chocolate. Flowers just die and you only enjoy them for a short amount of time. But chocolate can last for ever.

5. What is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you?

The sweetest thing that I can think of is that Steve never forgets my birthday. I think it is great that a man actually remembers my birthday AND gets me a gift each year.

Source: http://friday.criminalgrace.com/

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