January 22, 2008

Ten On Tuesday - Jan 22, 2008

10 Things That Were Better "Way Back When"

01. Sleeping in the back window of the family car. Now it is illegal

02. Saturday morning cartoons...bring back the Smurfs!

03. The cost of gas seemed easier to deal with back then. But then again I was not buying it!

04. Family - more of my family was alive and we had places to visit on weekends. Now most of them or dead or living too far away.

05. Ice Cream - Grandpa made the best home made ice cream!

06. Back then we didn't lock our doors and windows at night and we seemed to have survived. Now, everyone locks their house down for the night, armed with motion detectors and such...not getting much sleep because they are worring too much about someone breaking in.

07. Saturday Night Live...was actually funny :)

08. Being outside was fun! We actually played outside and was not parked in front of a tv all day...and didnt need video games!

09. The weather was easier to deal with as a kid. Now it seems the cold is too cold and the hot is enough to kill me!

10. As a kid I read all the time. Now that I am an adult I never have time to enjoy a good book.

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