Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #24: I Am Thankful


Thirteen Things/People I am Thankful For

01. Colt, my son. He is handsome, smart and one awesome kid.
02. , Vickie, my daughter. She is beautiful and also smart and even though we don't get along very well I love her very much.
03. Jeremiah, my grandson. I don't get to see him much but I still love him!
04. Brian, my brother and only sibling. He is a great man and I am so very glad to have him as my brother.
05. Steve, my boyfriend/live-in/common law husband. We have been through a lot in 7 1/2 years, good times and bad times.
06. Christina, my sister-in-law. She drives me crazy at times but she is one great lady.
07. Joseph, Brandon and Amy, my nephews and niece. They are all three great kids and fun to be around.
08. Annabelle and Shelby, my dogs. They listen to me no matter what I have to say and they never judge me. There unconditional love is overwhelming.
09. My "real life" friends. They have stood by my side through thick and thin.
10. My computer, because it is a means of helping me to relax. I can play games and make graphics.
11. The Internet. I have met a lot of new friends online, some that I know I would never have met in the "real world". Plus I get to play World of Warcraft, where I have met some cool folks!
12. My job.
13. Transportation. Even with the crazy gas prices (thank goodies they are getting lower), I am glad to have my own vehicle to travel in.

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  1. It's always good to take time to count our blessings.

    Happy Thanksgiving!